Parka Jacket Outer Black, Inner Multi Colour, Long Length





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Our Parka jackets come in a large range of colours and designs that will be perfect for your attire. The main body of the jacket is made from a cotton canvas material which is water proof to protect you from snow or rain. These jackets have a lush lining made from a Fox fur in Multi colour,  to give its uniqueness and outstanding look. This not only give you extra warmth for the colder days but it is designed to guarantee to wear in temperatures low as -40 degrees and its waterproof. The Jacket is made from Saga Fur and is Certified for this Multi colour Fox Collar, which is also available in outer Black with Multi colour Fox fur.

We carry most of our Jackets in stock if we don’t have your size, please don’t be disappointed, we can customise your size. To create you’re own unique parka jacket please visit our customise page.



Product Information

  • Black Parka Jacket , Inner Colour : Multi Colour  ( Long Length )
  • For information on how to care for you’re Parka Jacket please click here.
  • Main Body: Cotton Canvas, water proof
  • Lining: Saga Fur Multi Fox Fur Collar
  • Guarantee Waterproof and designed to wear up to -40 degrees temperature
  • Also available in Khaki Shell
  • Front Zip and Press Stud Opening
  • Hidden Waist Drawstring
  • Fur Lined Parka dry clean only
  • Pre-orders are accepted for this product if you’re size isn’t currently in stock
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for any pre-ordered products to arrive.

Orders and Returns

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